Pocket Admin Loves Our Planet!

When it comes to the Environment – you don’t HAVE to set the world on fire (please don’t!) but every little bit counts!
Pocket Admin constantly strives for self improvement. Our focus recently has been on improving our environmental practices.
Will I save the world or even my little pocket (haha!) of it?
Not on my own! If everyone does their little bit, it all makes a difference!
Does YOUR business have Environmental Policies and Practices in place?
At the moment, Pocket Admin has these environmental practices in place:
🌿 Recycling bin in place – we want to recycle as much as we possibly can!
🌿 We print documents double-sided as often as we can to minimise paper use
🌿 We try to use electronic documentation as much as we can rather than paper
🌿 We clean our office with a reusable soft cloth and sanitise with clove oil (mmmm yum!) rather than using paper towel and toxic chemicals
🌿 We use rechargeable batteries to minimise toxic waste (unless we absolutely can’t)
These are the things we are working on NOW:
🌿 Getting into the habit of turning our computers and office machinery off at the wall when we are not using them
🌿 We are going to buy a nice big office plant (and hopefully keep it happy) to use as a natural air filter for the office!
These are the practices we will be striving to gradually introduce in time:
🌿 Purchasing eco-friendly office stationery where possible – reduce plastics and other non recyclables!
🌿 Become completely paper free – we’d love to be able to do things like make use of iPads for gathering client information in meetings rather than using paper forms!

Pocket Admin loves our planet! 💜🌏

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