About Us

Who Is Pocket Admin?

Pocket Admin, a virtual assistance service based in Central Queensland, was founded by Dani Logan in January 2018.

After 20 years working in administration across a variety of industries and in a variety of communities, Dani saw a gap in the market for virtual assistance specifically designed for regional and rural small businesses.

It soon became obvious that these smaller communities were heavily serviced by small local businesses, often without shop fronts, their success fuelled by the community’s passion to support their own.

Whilst virtual assistance is by no means a new concept, Dani is using her experience and passion for regional and rural Queensland to drag virtual assistance services out of the metropolitan areas.


So that small businesses could be supported by someone who truly understands their community and the role of their business within it.

So that family businesses could be supported by a like-minded small family business.

Pocket Admin are Everyday People.

What does virtual assistance offer small businesses?

Virtual Assistance is a service available to both small businesses and individuals. Our name is derived from the concept that when you need someone, you can just pull them from your pocket, and when you don’t then just tuck them back in your pocket for later!

The over-arching purpose? Reduce stress, gain time.

“Admin On Demand” means that your budget is in control. No payroll or superannuation hassles. No budgeting for permanent staff members. The service can be used as little or as much as you need.

Why Pocket Admin?

Owner Operator Dani offers a friendly, quality service backed by experience, knowledge and on-the-fly elbow grease!

Over 20 years administrative experience, throughout regional and rural Queensland and New South Wales

Experience working across a broad range of industries including education, health, childcare, employment services, mining & construction, retail, and environmental management services

Bachelor of Journalism and a Post Graduate Certificate in Management