Hi! My name is Dani and I'm a Virtual Assistant.

I’ve worked in administration for over 20 years, raised a family, and am now travelling the path of a small business owner.  It’s a bit nuts, isn’t it?

Nuts … but by far the most rewarding time in my career.

I experienced the “slow burn” of digital marketing for the first couple of years and now Pocket Admin has rapidly grown and changed with the needs of its clients.

Being myself (a bit of a dag but a great VA) was the turning point and has become a huge part of the “vibe” of Pocket Admin and was the turning point for my business.

It was then that realisation dawned – that is EXACTLY what my services are about!

No, not about putting ME into your business, but rather helping to put YOU into your business.

Everybody’s business reflects who they are more than they realise.  Your business is something you have put a lot of passion, time, and personality into.


I’m not here to wrangle your business and admin practices into something that doesn’t resonate and flow.  A business has a life, of sorts, and sometimes fighting nature just won’t work.

My role?  To guide your admin processes but ultimately carry out the tasks to suit you and your business.  I jump in, get a feel for you and your business, and away I go!

It’s all about keeping that smile on your face and the admin rolling along.

Dani Logan, Founder of Pocket Admin

Because of my own journey, I have become a fierce advocate of Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace and in Business.

Want to know the full story of how Pocket Admin came to be?


How Can Pocket Admin Benefit Your Business?

Save Money

Companies that hire virtual assistants are clever with their finances!

When you’re hiring a staff member, whether casual or permanent, there’s more to pay than wages.  You will need to factor in payroll tax, superannuation, sick and annual leave, extra or increased insurances, potential increase of overheads, and additional equipment required to have that staff member on board.  It adds up quickly!

With Pocket Admin, you are paying a contractor to do your administrative work and only need to consider the invoiced fee!

Pocket Admin understand that small business can be tough, so our fees are very competitive and we offer discounts on package deals!

We Take The Time To Understand Your Business and Community

Every town is not like the other and every business isn’t either.  Pocket Admin services are tailored to suit your business and its community with a real dedication to helping small businesses flourish in rural and regional communities.

Administrative services are not ‘one size fits all’ – I love the creativity of exploring how my skills can be applied to so many different businesses!

More Productivity, Less Stress!

It’s simple:  you hand over the tasks that are boring, time consuming, and lower priority to you.  Dani does them for you!  Meanwhile, you’re happily working away on the things that will actually boost your profit margin and bring you more professional satisfaction.

It can help gain time with the family, too!

You’re Hiring A Professional

Dani at Pocket Admin has over 20 years experience across a wide range of industries plus a wealth of University studies behind her.  With proven administrative skills and adaptability, you know you’re getting a quality service.

I’m friendly, down to earth and I care

The success of your business is important to me, not just because it benefits my own business, but because it benefits your community and I enjoy seeing small businesses develop, grow and evolve.

Let me help you in your journey!