Frequently Asked Questions - Services

Why Do I Need A Virtual Assistant?

Virtual Assistants are useful in a variety of business growth stages.  Here’s just a handful of reasons:

  • Business Set Up – a virtual assistant is a great consultant for setting up the administrative practices of your business.  Even if you intend to do the admin yourself, having Pocket Admin help set it all up means you can hit the ground running when you commence trade.
  • Needing Just a Little Help – things are starting to pick up in your business and it’s starting to be a bit of a struggle to get it all done.  You want to make a good impression on your own customers so Pocket Admin can help take a few pesky tasks off your hands to give you time to focus on what’s important to you.
  • Admin Help Without The Strings – it’s not unreasonable at all to want to have an admin but not have to provide a working set up for them.  Dani of Pocket Admin works from home with her own equipment.  Win!
  • Overflow – your business is well established and you have admin staff in place, however their workload is just that little bit much and you want to give them a helping hand to meet those company targets.  Shuffle the excess to Pocket Admin and get your team smiling again!
What Are The Benefits Of Working With Pocket Admin?

Outsourcing your administration to Pocket Admin really can be beneficial to your business – and I’m not just saying that out of bias!  Think, for a moment, about the costs associated with hiring an employee to do your administration and then consider these important points about the benefits of a virtual assistant:

  •  You will save money on increased overheads associated with staffing growth, including new offices, additional office equipment, increased electricity usage, changes to insurances, and so on.
  • You will save money on payroll taxes, superannuation, and staff leave – like other contractors, Pocket Admin invoices you for our time and that’s all you have to worry about!
  • Pocket Admin is a budget-friendly service.  We understand the financial implications of starting and running your own business and we respect the blood sweat and tears you put into earning each dollar.  Use of our service is controlled by you – we can help when you need us and wait patiently when you don’t.  No lock-in contracts!
  • Pocket Admin is a service born out of and servicing rural and regional Australian communities.  We understand the importance of the success of a small business, not only for the business owner but the community that it is a part of.
  • Get back YOUR time!  Running your own business can be a bit of a 24/7 thing – I can’t count the number of times I’ve even dreamed about work! Get back some of those waking hours to focus on crucial aspects of your business and spend more time with family.
Does Pocket Admin ONLY Service Rural and Regional Australia?

Absolutely not!  Pocket Admin is a service for EVERYONE, no matter where in Australia.  We simply understand the importance of supporting small businesses in rural and regional communities! 

What About Qualifications and Experience?

Dani has a Bachelor of Journalism and Post Graduate Certificate in Management.  Ongoing professional development is also undertaken at Pocket Admin to ensure the services provided are strengthened by up-to-date knowledge and skills.

In addition to office and virtual administration over the past 20 years, Dani has had experience working in facility management and case management roles.

Dani’s proven adaptability has been developed in the following industries:

  • Tertiary Education
  •  Mining
  • Employment Services – Job Services Australia
  •  Early Childhood
  • Medical
  • Shopping Centre Management
  • Employment Services – Recruitment
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Town Planning
  • Law
  • Digital Marketing
  • Engineering & Fabrication

Frequently Asked Questions - Fees

Why Should I Purchase Packaged Hours?

Packaged hours are offered (and recommended) because it’s tricky to give an accurate quote for an admin task.  There are a lot of variables that go into what is required to complete a task – our focus is on the budget of your business, so we’d rather not overcharge for contingencies.

Which Package Should I Choose?

It all depends on the size of the job!  It’s best to choose a package that most closely suits the approximated time plus contingency.

Packaged hours are at a discounted rate, incrementally discounted depending on package size.  This makes them perfect for ongoing work with Pocket Admin as well!

 What If I Don’t Use All The Packaged Hours I Paid For?

That’s OK, it means you’ve prepaid the help of Pocket Admin for another time!

Purchased hours do not have an expiry date!  You can use them up in a day … a week… a month … a year… And our pre-purchased hours come with a guarantee that they will be honoured, even in the unlikely event of cessation  of trading.

As a member of the VA DIRECTORY, we have access to a network of professional, trained Virtual Assistants. In the unlikely event that Pocket Admin is unable to fulfill the pre-purchased hours, another Virtual Assistant will be able to complete the work at no extra cost.

Can I Still Choose The Hourly Rate?

Of course you can!  That’s completely up to you.  You can opt to either:

  • Pay a quoted amount (estimated hours plus an additional contingency fee); or
  • Be invoiced for the total hours at the end of the task.
How Do I Track My Pre-Purchased Hours?

Pocket Admin issue regular timesheets to clients as a quality assurance and transparency measure.

These timesheets outline:

  • How many hours were purchased
  • How many hours were used
  • How the hours were used
  • How many paid hours remain
What Payment Methods Are Available To Me?

Pocket Admin issues Tax Invoices with payment details listed on them.

These payment methods are:

  • Paypal
  • Direct Deposit
  • Credit Card (2.2% card fee)
  • Bank Cheque / Money Order (Personal Cheques not accepted)
  • Cash (face to face transactions only)