Terms & Conditions of Service


  • All job requests must be provided by email or in another written format. Verbal requests will not be accepted, to protect both Pocket Admin and the Client.
  • Please ensure your job request is concise, detailed, and all requirements listed – a job request form can be supplied as guidance if preferred.
  • All job requests must include a due date
  • Pocket Admin strives to achieve a 7 business day turn around for all tasks, however other dated tasks may be given preference if a task is not allocated a due date
  • The 7 business day deadline may also be exceeded in instances of tasks of a large or complex nature. Pocket Admin will notify the client if this is the case.
  • 7 business day turn around will commence once all data / information has been received, not necessarily from the initial date of job request lodgement
  • Pocket Admin reserves the right to decline any task that they do not wish to provide as a part of their services or that might consist of immoral, unethical, or legally questionable content
  • After free consultation, if a business wishes to commence utilising Pocket Admin’s services, they must complete the Client Details form, Business Details Form, and Acceptance of Services form before they can commence.
  • Revisions of work completed are an additional cost unless otherwise specified by Pocket Admin.


  • Completion of all forms is required before commencement of services.  These forms include the Client Details Form, Resume Details Form, and Acceptance of Services.
  • Jobseeker fees are inclusive of ONE edit.  A draft will be submitted to the client, which should be thoroughly checked and feedback regarding changes and additions be provided to Pocket Admin.  These updates will be done (unless advised otherwise) and the final copy supplied to the client.  Any changes requested after this will incur an additional fee.
  • The Resume Details Form is created with a client in mind that has no previous resume, however it is a requirement that it be completed by all jobseeker clients.  When a previous resume is being supplied to Pocket Admin, please ONLY complete details within the Resume Details Form that are missing from the previous resume.  This ensures Pocket Admin has all the information required for a quality resume.


  • Pocket Admin strives to maintain a high level of security with client details.
  • All filing cabinets containing client data and information are lockable and secure in a private office.
  • A lockable, fire and waterproof safe is available for any data or information that is considered particularly sensitive.
  • Client data and work completed is digitally stored on a cloud-based server that is password and authentication protected.
  • All data is backed up regularly and stored securely.
  • Pocket Admin takes confidentiality very seriously. For our Privacy Policy, please visit pocketadmin.com.au/privacy-policy/


  • All work completed for a client belongs to said client, however Pocket Admin reserves the right to utilise non-confidential publications and excerpts in advertising and work portfolios.


  • Jobseeker clients are required to make payment of their invoice prior to commencement of services.
  • Due to the time that it may take for eft transfers to go between banks, proof of payment such as a screen capture of payment confirmation, is accepted as payment made for the purposes of commencing services.
  • Pocket Admin does not have lock in contracts; however, refunds of prepaid packages are at the discretion of the owner of Pocket Admin and may incur an administrative fee as a minimum.
  • All fees include local phone calls, scanning, emailing, and printing within the cost, however additional purchases that are required such as postage and specific stationery items may incur an additional cost. The client will always be consulted first.
  • Urgent work, with a turnaround of less than 24 hours, may incur an additional 20% charge
  • Should a client modify their requirements, Pocket Admin will notify the client if these changes will incur additional time and/or costs
  • Revisions of work completed are an additional cost unless otherwise specified by Pocket Admin.
  • Invoices for prepaid packages are issued before service commences
  • Payment terms for prepaid packages are immediate payment
  • Service will not commence until a client has paid their prepaid package invoice
  • Payment by hourly rate will be invoiced either on the Friday of each week or at completion of the task, whichever comes first.
  • Payment terms for hourly fee charges are 7 days from the date of the invoice.
  • Payment options are listed on the invoice:
    • Direct EFT (preferred)
    • Credit Card (incurs a 2.2% processing fee)
    • PayPal via www.pocketadmin.com.au
    • Cheque and Money order by agreement only
    • Cash for face to face transactions only
  • Timesheets tracking prepaid hours used or hours worked to be invoiced are issued to Small Business clients weekly or fortnightly depending on the volume and regularity of work provided by the client
  • Prepaid hours have no expiry date and come with a guarantee that they will be honoured, even in the unlikely event that Pocket Admin ceases trade. – Pocket Admin is a part of the VA Directory, a network that can assist with overflow of work or completion of work on behalf of Pocket Admin if required.
  • Failure to pay an invoice issued after completion of work may result in legal action.