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Microsoft Word for Kids – Simplicity and Confidence

Kids need to know how to use programs like Microsoft Word, but it’s not unusual for parents to think, “Where would I even start?”  Well, Microsoft for Kids is something I’ve thrown together to give you and you child confidence!

The use of computers at school is pretty commonplace these days and kids are really tech savvy – but do kids actually know what they need to make their school work awesome in Microsoft Word?  Usually, no! 

There are dedicated classes in the computer labs to get a feel for the digital world they’ll be entering as they grow up. They’re even creeping into preschools and kindergartens!

My son is entering his second year of high school (yes, I try not to get hysterical about that!) and uses a laptop at school every day to type his class notes. He’s just a kid that has always gotten stressed about writing and, as much as I want to encourage him to keep working at it, he’s really enjoyed school a lot more without that stress.

But, as I began to see more and more of what he was handing in, I realised that “computer skills at school” really is a concept still in relative infancy. There is only so much the kids are being taught – or retaining – and they still need a bit of guidance at home to get everything looking schmicko!

I, like a lot of people, made the assumption that because my son is forever SMOTHERED in technology, he’d be a dab hand with word processing.

Nope. Absolutely not. Just … wow.

Microsoft Word for Kids

So, I’ve created a quick guide for primary school aged children that shows them the “essential buttons” in Microsoft Word and, honestly, I wish I’d created it when my son was that age!

Faced with a million buttons (some of which even I still don’t use or understand) on a platform that isn’t designed to engage children, using Word can be downright unappealing to kids – and grown ups!

Kids need to see Word as more than just a boring grown up business tool. Not only can they create some terrific looking school work, but Microsoft Word is a place for them to create stories and bring them to life!

This video is designed to cut through the often confusing and intense side of Microsoft Word.  It gives kids the knowledge of what the absolute necessities are – a safe haven of skills that also serve as a launching pad into some pretty interesting exploration!

Ultimately, this Microsoft Word video for kids is all about giving them CONFIDENCE.

These are the fundamentals they will continue to use throughout their lives, centred around how to save, how to tweak fonts, and how to add pictures.

These same fundamentals can be applied across not only the entire Microsoft Office Suite, but also across other platforms!

It’s not heavy, it’s not tricky, it’s not long and in depth – it’s ENOUGH.

A beginning for your child to build upon.

(Side note – I know teachers don’t necessarily want to be handed fluorescent essays with mind bending pictures, so I have included important information about creating “Serious Stuff”, too.)

Have a sit down with your kids and take the time to have fun with computers, and word processing, at home. Encourage story writing and help bring those stories to life!

Encourage your kids to muck around in programs like Microsoft Word. After all, diving straight in is the best way to learn!

Check out the video below to discover Microsoft Word Essentials For Kids. Follow along with the free PDF version!

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